Battery Pack Assembly Fixture

The Greenwheel or BEAU-T (depending if I decide to rename it) battery pack assembly fixture is finished. Unfortunately the battery welder that the electric vehicle team was borrowing from the manufacturer is no longer on campus, so I’ll have to wait for its return in order to assemble the packs. It is possible to soldier the batteries, but as you know — it’s not a good idea to subject batteries to high heat!


Arthur Petron Smart Cities MIT Media Lab


Arthur Petron Smart Cities MIT Media Lab

This is totally the right way to work on programming projects

I’ve definitely spent way to much time (weeks in fact while also trying to learn the language) attempting to get a usable front end, logins, user accounts, and all that jazz set up while never actually getting to the project I had intended to get to. This post on yield thought is eye opening. It’s well explained in a way that makes you go “oh yeah! what was I thinking?” Take a look!


I always find that the day is always a little better with a tastey breakfast to start out. This omlette in particular is a three-egg with mozzerella, mashed potatoes, sausage, and saut├ęd onions. I’d never tried making an omlette with mashed potatoes in it before, but these were left over from dinner the night before (the kind with lots of garlic!) so I figured it would be a great experiment. I suppose in this case wrapping the typical meat and potatoes dinner food in egg makes it into breakfast.

2D Rubens tube

Stopped by CDL for a design expo. The pieces were great. I especially liked this take on the normally 1D Rubens tube.

Walker Chan, Robin Macgregor, Charles Mathis & Zoz

Making your own sushi tastes better

A few days back we got together and made tuna, salmon, and eel sushi. It was delicious!